Danielle and Justin

Danielle and Justin were such a fun couple to photograph. Danielle suggested we go to Terra Nova for the day, as Justin’s family is from the community and it is an area that means a lot to them both. There were so many moments for me to capture as they talked and laughed while I took pictures…from spending the afternoon with them you can tell that these two enjoy every moment together! Congratulations on your engagement you guys!! Thanks for a great day in Terra Nova… the turkey dinner was a delicious end to the day!! ; )web-1.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web-2.jpgDanielle-and-Justin-web-3.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web-5.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web-4.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web8.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web9.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web10.jpgTriptych-template-web-11.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web-6.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web-12.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web-13.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web-14.jpgdanielle-and-justin-web 16.jpg

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