Paulette and John

When Paulette and John asked me to do their engagement photos I was thrilled. I love shooting engagements! It is such an exciting time for the couple as they plan their big day and I love hearing about all the details. Engagement sessions are often the first time a couple has professional pictures taken together and I love that! It didn’t taken long for these two to feel comfortable in front of the camera! 

Paulette and John…thanks for a great afternoon. I hope you enjoy these images!

Janine : )

Untitled-2.jpg Paulette-and-John-Engagement-2010--16.jpg Untitled-1.jpg Paulette-and-John-Engagement-2010--28.jpg Untitled-3.jpg Paulette-and-John-Engagement-2010--41.jpg Paulette-and-John-Engagement-2010--44.jpg Paulette-and-John-Engagement-2010--48.jpg

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